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vene is a customer centric ad-tech software solution. Our mission is to enable digital advertising partners to grow and protect their businesses in an uncomplicated, secure and profitable way, through advanced collaborative tools for campaign tracking, analytics, fraud prevention, and revenue growth.


A world wide mobile and desktop advertising agency with a first class team, top technology and anti-fraud solutions. Across multiple verticals and countries, we are focused on building strong partnerships for premium demand and supply partners.

anna blue

Anna Blue

Anna Blue is a German singer and a popular YouTube personality. Both her and her boyfriend, Damien Dawn, are featured in the Top 20 German Music YouTube Channels. Over the years, Anna built a quite big fan following with almost 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 38 Million views of the smash hit “Silent Scream”. From new music and video releasesgraphic novel and newly opened merchandise store, there is a lot going on for Anna Blue. 

OJOM Kiosk

OJOM is a powerful online store for premium digital subscription bundles. OJOM helps brands bring their content distribution to a new level. Some of the companies working with us include Kaspersky, LovooGymondo, Audible, and many more!



The Jamba! brand (also known as Jamba or Jamster in some markets) revolutionized the mobile world by offering a huge collection of ringtones, wallpapers and games which induced Content-Billing methods.  

Our portfolio consists of more than 100.000 personalization products ranging from Music, Games, Apps, Adult and much more. 

It is, to this day, a renowned brand with a platinum and three gold records awarded for in-house produced content: Crazy Frog, Schnuffel Bunny and Rene La Taupe.



iLove was the first German Social Dating Community with has almost 6 million active members, making it easy for its members to find someone who shares the same interests. Got nothing planned for the weekend? iLove will help you find someone to have a nice time with. Who knows, it might end up being more than just a date.